What gets you out of bed each morning? My alarm! I set an alarm everyday just so I can press the snooze button! Just kidding. I’m always excited to start the day and see what cool things I will get to experience that day.

What’s your favourite book? Wow, it is hard to pick just one. The most recent one is Fierce Conversations -by Susan Scott

What 3-5 words best describe you? Vivacious, Fun, Energetic, Compassionate, Crazy

What’s your favourite thing to eat? Where is it from? My favourite thing to eat is Vietnamese noodle soups. I can eat it every day. Nothing is like a bowl of Pho for comfort or any of the different varieties that my mom makes.

What’s something that people don’t really know about you? That I lived on a deserted island for a month when I was 8 with my family, then was caught by the communists and send to a women/children prison camp for 4 days before then was released.

More... In 1997 Catherine Vu co-founded Pro-Active Computer Solutions, taking a risk as a women entrepreneur in a male-dominated sector. In 2003, Catherine bought out her partner, transforming the original company into Pro-Active IT Management Inc. Pro-Active IT is now a recognized force within the Alberta IT community, including participating in special Silicon Valley development projects. Building on a foundation of best-in-class practices, technical expertise and responsive customer service with integrity. As an immigrant to Canada, Catherine believes in ‘paying it forward’ and is dedicated to giving back to her community. Her recent support includes Alberta Easter Seals, Winnifred Stewart Association, AB Cancer Foundation Bust a Move, and Suit Yourself, and just to name a few. Catherine’s philanthropic work raises tens of thousands of dollars annually in the community. Pro-Active IT is proud to sponsor and participate in numerous charitable events and campaigns throughout the year.