What gets you out of bed each morning? My morning ritual. I grab a latte and an apple with peanut butter, and sit in bed with my journal. I always finish with three gratefuls, which is sometimes hard, but my day can’t begin without it. What keeps me from heading back to bed is my passion for stories, and getting out into my gritty inner city community to hear them.

What’s your favourite book? Thats like picking your favourite puppy, theres no right answer.
Rebecca Solnit's “A Field Guide to Getting Lost”. A lyrical exploration of the concept of being lost, of marching into toward something always just out of reach, like the colour blue in the sky.

What 3-5 words best describe you? Exploratory, creative, passionate, thoughtful.

What’s your favourite thing to eat? Where is it from? The wicked New York style thin crust Sal’s Deluxe from Tony’s Pizza Palace- prosciutto, capicollo, and bocconcini cheese. And while you wait you watch them spin and throw the pizzas.

What’s something that people don’t really know about you? Not much. Perhaps that I’m a language learning geek. Language systems fascinate me. Anything that leads me into new perspectives, the wonder of the psyche. And, of course, stories.

More... Karen has an eclectic background in adult education, counselling, evaluation and non-profit management. A few years back, and without a clue as to what she was getting into, she began incorporating digital storytelling into her English classes for newcomers. The stories that emerged were so stunning that digital storytelling quickly grew into a passion. She then trained as a facilitator through Storycenter in Berkeley and Denver. In 2014, along with her deep-listening friend, Judy Sillito, Karen founded Weasel Tale, a company that facilitates workshops on digital storytelling. She can usually be found listening to stories and sipping a latte in Edmonton’s Little Italy.