What gets you out of bed each morning? It’s a good thing I love what I do because I really love my bed! There are just so many challenges to running your own business and everyday is different. I’m constantly challenging myself while still having a creative outlet. And who doesn’t love chocolate? That helps on the days it’s a little bit tougher getting going, I have an endless supply of chocolate to fuel me.

What’s your favourite book? This is a tough question! I read a lot. Right now probably Six of Crows and it’s sequel Crooked Kingdom. The books take place in a Amsterdam inspired city and follows a group of misfit thieves as they try and pull off an impossible heist.

What 3-5 words best describe you? Creative, driven, confident, smart, and motivated

What’s your favourite thing to eat? Where is it from? I have so many favourites it’s hard to choose. I’m a chef and I love food! For comfort food I would probably have to say a vermicelli bowl from Doan’s. It’s been a go to restaurant for my family for years.

What’s something that people don’t really know about you? People think I named the company because purple was my favourite colour, it wasn’t. I have so many purple clothes and things since starting the company though that it's my favourite colour now.

More... In 2012, Rebecca Grant set out to push the expectations of chocolate. Using traditional techniques and taking inspiration from her experiences as a Red Seal Chef, a line of flavoured bars was launched and The Violet Chocolate Company became reality.

From a studio in Edmonton, each bar is crafted by hand using the best ingredients and ethically-sourced chocolate. With a mix of new and returning flavours launched every six months, the adventure of creating chocolate evolves.