Nicole Nekich

What gets you out of bed each morning? Breakfast....and hope. The world has been kind of wild lately and every day I hope I, and the people around me, can make it a little better.

What’s your favourite book? My fashion design textbook.

What 3-5 words best describe you? Funny, creative, compassionate, tenacious.

What’s your favourite thing to eat? Where is it from? Peanut butter. Real, natural peanut butter. According to google/Wikipedia it was invented in Quebec!

What’s something that people don’t really know about you? I'm a huge sports fan! Mostly hockey and baseball but I've been known to watch NBA playoffs too when Canada's team is in it.

More... Hi! I'm Nicole Nekich often known as Nicole A Go Go among friends, social media, and my creative life. I'm a clothing designer with a love of wild, colourful textiles. I have 8 years of experience in this industry through my schooling, and work endeavors. I've become a huge advocate for sustainable fashion having seen the detriments the industry currently does to people and planet. When I'm not going on about clothes and sustainability you can find me cycling around town, training in aerial arts (for fun!), and socializing with family and friends.