knowit II
TBA | Edmonton | 9:00am - 4:00pm
Join us

Full day, morning or afternoon registration available.

knowit II
TBA | Edmonton | 9:00am - 4:00pm
Join us

Full day, morning or afternoon registration available.

knowit II
TBA | 9:00am - 4:00pm
Studio 96, 10909 96 Street Northwest, Edmonton


You’re an adult. It’s time to, once and for all, know how to do adult stuff. Why? Because you’re a grown ass woman, that’s why.

We’re hosting our second full day workshop where we’ll teach you stuff you should know as a grownup.

You’re busy. We know. That’s why we created this day. We want to give you a chance to learn things that adults know so you can not just LOOK like you have your shit in order but ACTUALLY HAVE your shit in order. Was that one too many shits?

You should be able to crush these things by now. Come and let us show you how.

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

giveitwith CARLA CUGLIETTA Morning Workshop
We are lucky. Simply because of where we were born. Have you thought about that? We should give be responsible for our sisters in other countries. Sisters who have no voice. No access to finance. No say in who they marry. It’s time to have a deeper conversation about what you can do to support and uplift women around the world who were born into very different circumstances than us.

tasteitwith REBECCA GRANT Morning Workshop
It’s important to know about great chocolate- you know that vice that most women have while binge watching TV shows at 10pm? It’s time to drop that crappy chocolate and pickup internationally award winning chocolate. We’ll show you (and we’ll all taste) what to look for in a great chocolate and we might even talk about how to pair this with different wines. Can this workshop get any better?

and moderated by ARDEN TSE
Morning Workshop

If you don’t know, now you know. Trying to grow, personally or professionally, is really hard. Having a mentor(s) to connect with is important. So is mentoring others. You’re a grown ass woman, you should know that by now. We’ll help you think bigger about this You think you can grow on your own? Not exactly. Giving and receiving mentorship is important for all grown ass women to think about. We'll have a whole panel discussion about it. Be there. Listen. Learn.

thinkitwith JENNIFER KLUTHE Morning Workshop
You look around and everyone else seems to have their shit together. Career. Relationships. Family. Scanning the social media of your ‘friends’ can leave us wondering about our own happiness and the value of great lighting. And what about those age milestones 30? 40? 50? Why do they blindside us? We get one beautiful life. How can we make perspective a superpower and what secrets can we unlock together?

Walking breakwith KAREN MATTHEWS Over Lunch
Over the lunch break, we'll take a short and sweet walking tour where we'll learn some historical points about the surrounding neighbourhood. Yes, stretching our legs is always a good idea... and so is ensuring we don't get varicose veins from sitting too long.

cutitwith KRIS ARMITAGE Afternoon Session
Grownups have real knifes in their kitchens, not those cheapy ones that smush a tomato rather than sharply and crisply slicing through it. We want you know know what you should consider when buying a good knife and how to maintain it (like don’t put a good knife in a dishwasher unless you want to ruin it). We’ll also show you a few different grownup, chef-like cuts so you can impress your partner and friends at dinner parties.

ownitwith KATHERINE WENTZELL Afternoon Session
You’re sailing along with life. Smoothly. Things seem fine… until you hit that small/big/bigger bump in the "financial road". Maybe it’s the loss of a close family member. A divorce. Losing your job. Moving to a new city. Having a baby. These things can be a mah-jor financial drain. Have you planned for these? Don’t superficially nod. You need to really plan for these things. You’re a grown ass woman and you need to stand on your own two financial feet. Always. We’ll show you what you need to think about.

growitwith CORY CHRISTOPHER Afternoon workshop
Playing in the dirt can be an extremely therapeutic experience. Add in the joy of watching something grow and our little terrarium workshop is bound to have everyone feeling creative and eager to explore their inner gardener.

Full day, morning or afternoon registration available.


    Carla Cuglietta is a teacher who has been working to encourage spiritual and physical well being in her students. She has been involved in Global projects in Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, China, Laos, India...
    Rebecca Grant set out to push the expectations of chocolate. Using traditional techniques and taking inspiration from her experiences as a Red Seal Chef, a line of flavoured bars was launched...
    Gine has been in the banking Industry for 19 years, with experience predominately in Commercial and Corporate Banking. She gets to work with amazing people in our community...
    Erika is part of the marketing scene in Edmonton with a keen interest in community development. She has been a student mentor and a manager for junior marketing professionals, but still seeks that guidance for herself.
    Kim Krushell is the President of E.P. Rees Inc. an Edmonton startup company created to manage the development of Lending Assist and Save Assist, software products that allow banks and law firms to process business loans digitally.
    mentorit moderator
    Arden has had the career of about eight people and after a lengthy career in the world of commercial real estate, investment, and finance, is now the Manager of the University of Alberta's Venture Mentoring Service.
    Professionally, Jennifer works with Stantec and leads their global human resources team. When she was 19, she was promoted into a leadership role and thus began her passion for people, culture, and how to make work...
    Walking break Over Lunch
    Karen has an eclectic background in adult education, counselling, evaluation and non-profit management. A few years back, and without a clue as to what she was getting into, she began incorporating digital storytelling...
    After spending the better part of a decade and a half chained to stoves in various kitchens, Kris has found a new home at Knifewear. Having worked in every type of kitchen from the fastest of food to the finest of dining...
      Well-traveled in her time, Katherine relocated back to Canada in 2011, after a nearly 10 year stint in the USA. She landed in the extraordinary and unfamiliar surroundings of Alberta where she has made Edmonton home...
      Cory Christopher is the dynamic, driving force behind the namesake studio and its well-earned reputation for stunning events, florals and decor. His love for art, in all its forms, is evident in everything he creates...
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