Marielle Terhart

What gets you out of bed each morning? An alarm clock and a latte. I am a chronic night owl so we’ll use the term morning loosely, but every “morning” I look forward to getting to be creative, whether that’s through writing, photography, collaboratively working with local businesses or improv.

What’s your favourite book? Shrill by Lindy West or How We Are Hungry by Dave Eggers

What 3-5 words best describe you? Passionate, Considered, Funny, Aesthetically Driven,

What’s your favourite thing to eat? Where is it from? Big Bang Bagel Sandwich, found in Fernie B.C.

What’s something that people don’t really know about you? I’ve wrestled for Team Canada, in what feels like another lifetime ago.

More... Marielle Elizabeth, who uses she / her pronouns, is an outspoken body positive activist in the Ethical Fashion community, who advocates on the daily for broader size inclusion and radical body acceptance. Through her social media presence she shares not only her lived experience as a plus size person trying to live that #sustainablefashion life, but also the ways in which we can all be striving to be kinder to the skin we’re in.