Melanie Bowbell

What gets you out of bed each morning? Two things:
Peet’s french roast coffee

Helping people to get through a difficult chapter in their lives. Anyone who has gone through divorce appreciates how hard it is. I am driven by helping people get to the point that they can write a positive next chapter in their lives.

What’s your favourite book? I have many, no favourite, anything non fiction. I love biographies.

What 3-5 words best describe you? I love: travel, fast cars, animals, and helping people the best I can.

What’s your favourite thing to eat? Where is it from? Lemon Meringue Pie - anyone who makes it well.

What’s something that people don’t really know about you? I love to garden.

More... Melanie obtained her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Business Administration Degrees from the University of Alberta and her Law Degree from the University of Windsor. Melanie's balanced approach of using a combination of legal, business, negotiation and mediation skills gives her a unique ability from which to serve her clients in all aspects of their divorce and family law issues.

Melanie provides strong leadership, support, and direction when resolving a file. She strives with each client to build a "best results" situation for both clients and their dependents moving forward. She is a skilled and effective Negotiator and Litigator. She settles many matters prior to them proceeding to litigation or trial. However, should legal issues require litigation or trial, Melanie is effective in achieving the best results possible for clients.

Melanie acts for individuals with complex and high conflict divorce and separation issues. She is skilled in acting for high net worth individuals with complex business and asset division issues. Melanie also deals with issues including; international custody and parenting, mobility, business owner divorce and separation, division of complex corporate assets and complex property assets and debts, division of farm assets and debts, retroactive and ongoing child support and spousal support claims.

Melanie does legal work in all levels of the Alberta Courts including Provincial Court, Court of Queen’s Bench and the Court of Appeal. Melanie specializes in complex legal separations, and more often than not, dealing with separations and divorces involving business owners and their complicated corporate arrangements. Melanie also specialized in mobility cases ( cases involving one parent wanting to move a significant geographical distance from the other with the children ). Regarding custody issues, Melanie through her experience sees no gender differences in being a good parent, she represents both Men and Women who seek to establish custody and parenting arrangements in their children’s best interests.