What gets you out of bed each morning? A toss up between my dog having to go out or my phone ringing.

What’s your favourite book? Bachelor Girl.

What 3-5 words best describe you? Generous, Loyal and Funny.

What’s your favourite thing to eat? Where is it from? I love the hot dogs from Costco.

What’s something that people don’t really know about you? I care more than I show people.

More... Rose grew up in the rural town of Brampton, ON with her three older brothers. She studied human behaviour at the University of Toronto, when she decided to stop her studies to raise her family. Shortly after her second child was born, she got a part-time job as a dental receptionist. After returning to the workforce, with two young children, she went back to school and took broadcasting. Against all odds, she landed her first job in radio, working as the overnight announcer on Majic100 in Ottawa, ON. After 3 years in radio, she quickly realized this was not for her and on a whim decided to get back into dentistry. She was hired as an office manager and quickly moved into the position of treatment coordinator.

In 2008, when the recession began, she witnessed many patients losing their benefits because of companies downsizing or losing their jobs. She decided it was time to change her profession and got into mortgages. Back to school she went. After receiving her license in the mortgage industry, she was now faced with the challenge of finding a company that would hire someone with no experience. The only financial experience she had was from dentistry, a far cry from the banking world. She was presented with two job offers. One from a big bank that would give her clients and a paycheque for the first 3 months or a mortgage brokerage that she would have to find her own clients, build her business and make her own paycheque. Face with the challenged of no paycheque, no clients, bills to pay and a failing marriage, she took the job with the brokerage and hasn’t looked back since. She moved to Edmonton 5 years ago and holds her license in both Ontario and Alberta. Her niche in the mortgage industry is helping clients going through divorce, foreclosures or bruised credit. She has a diverse background in working with many different people in different fields and can relate to many of her clients because she has been in the same shoes as most and has overcome the same obstacles.